November 8th, 2023:

WOW…we’re already in the run-up to Christmas and things are really crazy in the world right now! 😔

When I asked God for a Bible verse for this month, the word “sober” came to my mind. For me that means: Be vigilant, but don’t panic! And above all, keep hope in the sight of God, who hears and sees everything and has already prepared the solution at long hand. 👍🏻

Speaking of “solution”: Since we work closely with “WITHJESUS.ME”, I would also like to present our “Housing – WithJesus” vision here. We recently took a closer look at a tiny house that we want to buy in order to offer people an opportunity to live very cheaply who have gone through a crisis (lost a job, suddenly a single mom or dad,…) to rearrange their life and get started again. More on this soon in a video! 🏠

God bless and see you soon!